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    Happy Mothers Day!

    This song was written for my mother Jill Ann Gardner

    She is my inspiration.

    I Love You



Mama I know I haven't always been the easiest one
but Im trying to be a better son Im gonna make you proud of me

I know i didn't always listen well
and i always had some story to tell but I knew that I could never fool you

Mama I could have been so bad but you made me good
Thanks for making me do everything I should even though i may have been afraid to

Mama I'm so proud to be your son
and though right now I'm always on the run someday i'll come back home to you

Well i just wanna thank you for your patience
I wanna thank you for your time
I wanna thank you for the lessons
for drawing all the lines
I wanna thank you for all the love
that you handed down from your heart to mine

you should know that your my inspiration
I know your the reason for what I've become
And of all the people in this wild world I could have become
Im so glad i got to be your son


released May 8, 2011
Yours truly. Kevin Eagle Oliver&7




KeVIIn Eagle Oliver San Francisco, California

Dance the Eagle to sleep and when he dreams may he dream deeply enough to awaken with the spirits.

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