Seasons E​.​P.

by KeVIIn Eagle Oliver

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Seasons change us rearranging the skies in our eyes.


released December 24, 2012

Words and Music written arranged and performed By: Kevin Eagle Oliver

Recorded by: Kevin Eagle Oliver on a Tascam 424 over the river and through the woods at Grandmothers House in Mount Shasta Ca. Thanks Grandma!

Mastered By: Justin Weis at Trakworx Recording and Mastering, South San Francisco, CA



all rights reserved


KeVIIn Eagle Oliver San Francisco, California

Dance the Eagle to sleep and when he dreams may he dream deeply enough to awaken with the spirits.

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Track Name: Autumn Leaves
Its autumn and she's leaving hanging lightly on the branch. You feel her slipping and you know she'll be gone with half a chance. So you hold her tighter as the wicked wind starts to make her dance. Even though shes walking away all her movements put you in a trance.

When she goes she leaves you hanging. Onto nothing but the empty breeze. But don't you dare bow down to her. Don't you get down on your knees. Brother please remember whose the leaf and whose the tree. As October turns November she may be gone but you are free.

My roots will sink down low and you'll be stuck where the cruel wind blows. You may find it gets you high but it will let you down so low you"ll die. The autumn moon will see me stay through the winter winds that wash your wicked soul away into grey.
Track Name: Embers
The air today reminds me of autumns ago when I used to be hands held tight. No endings here in mind or sight. The stars were airborne embers in crisp nights of late September but we were warm. Underneath those stars that burned out cold we held each other tight and swore together we'd grow old....

We've had our fun and now hearts broke open let the rivers run. We've got to withstand these wicked winters before we can taste the summer sun. Were still so young who knows what we'll become. The world has our backs up against the wall were staring down the barrel of a smoking gun.

the air today reminds me.....
Track Name: Seasons
You watch the time pass aint it strange how summer days slip away so fast. In a flash lightning warns your seling your soul to the night to evade the storm. When you rise an inch of ash coats your skin and clouds your eyes. So you were spared given this life to life pretend you care.

Or drift away like autumn leaves forget the trees and are led astray. By the wild winds blowing holes through your soul to erase your sins. Some remain and form the clouds overhead and the sheets of rain. They came to wash you clean but you still don't seem to see what the seasons mean.

Seasons change us rearranging the skies in our eyes what was grey is turning blue don't you look so surprised. Did you think that it would stay the same until the end of time.

Let it all go let it pass pure like the drifting snow. Only footsteps show the paths of passers by in the morning glow. As the sky clears that patch of blue between the grey seems so weird. But you don't care to mind its still winter time and your color blind.

Seasons change us....
....did you think that it would stay the same until the end of time

Oh no its changing every day. Ever so slowly grey clouds slip away. The sun comes out just to say. Fear not my children so soon I'll be home to stay.

When spring comes suddenly you find your free exactly what you want to be.